Services | Rig on Demand

Advanced rigging set up

Your own fully rigged model is only a few clicks away!

Rig on Demand is a new online service designed to automatically assign a facial animation rig to a character of your choice. Our service takes full advantage of all the expressions Blendshapes on Demand offers, including the whole set of muscle deformations, visemes and emotions, all perfectly adapted to your model's morphology and topology. It will also offers control over all the separated provided geometries, making our steady rig a complete and yet very fine tool.

Designed to save time and money, it will satisfy both professional riggers and independent artists by laying a solid ground work to further fine any rigging tasks.

Easy and intuitive controllers

On mesh and at 3 different levels

Our tool offers different ways of controlling the shapes so you can find your best suited. While the controllers are rather universal and handle a great dynamic of tuning, you are free to adjust the expressions on the blendshape nodes, the mapped controllers or bones driving separated elements.

A flexible rigging solution

Direct integration in any animation production

RoD will fit in your pipeline whether you are working on precomp 3D animation, real-time or interactive cross-platform applications. It is also compatible with any animation approach (keyframes, MoCap, video tracking, etc.)

Fitting all styles

From photorealistic to cartoon

Rig on Demand has been created so every production can be addressed to regardless of the character's morphology, topology and modeling style. As long as your model possesses minimal and recognisable human features, RoD will rig it for animation.

Developed in and for Maya

Compliant with the most used platform

Rig on Demand has been implemented in Maya 2016 and will therefore comply to any of your actual production using Autodesk's most universal suite.

Stay tuned as our rig will also be compatible with most common retargetting softwares including Faceware and Dynamixyz, making it one of the most versatile auto-rigging solutions in the market.