F.A.Q | Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are Eisko’s services?

Eisko services is an online platform designed to help you or your studio gain time, flexibility and productivity. It is based on technologies developed over the years by Eisko and the list of services available will grow quickly in a near future. During our beta, we introduce our first service: Blendshapes on demand at a discounted price..

Q. What is Blendshapes on Demand?

Blendshapes on demand® is one of our in-house animation tools that we freshly released online to make your life easier! This service enables to transfer deformations from one mesh to another independently of their topology while taking into account their morphological differences. By automatically transferring a whole set of expressions to a series of models you provide us, this service not only makes you gain time within your tight deadlines but also drastically improve the quality of your assets’ animations. With Blendshapes on demand® you have two options: tranfer one of EISKO’s blendshapes library to give life to your character, or you can reuse your own set of blendshapes and transfer them onto your new models.

Q. Why should I be using Blendshapes on demand?

Quite simply, it is an easy, quick and affordable base of work to save you a great deal of money and effort on any production requiring facial animation. Whether you are considering to use the blendshapes in a traditional animation rig or just to help you on sculpting expressions, this service is a true cost-efficient game changer to populate your digital worlds and animate your models!

Q. How long will it take?

The treatment of one model takes 20 minutes on our servers and we consider a FIFO queue strategy. Thus the timing depends on the number of models you submit and on the current workload. We hence chose a Beta period to be able to adapt our infrastructure to the charge.

Q. What happens once I’ve uploaded the data?

You’ll get a detailed notification of reception at your login address and we take care of the rest. You will then be able to check the process status here once logged in to your dashboard.

Q. What exactly should I upload for Blendshapes on Demand?

You will be ask to upload one single target model per purchase item and you can naturally consider as many purchase item that you want. We can process any polygonal mesh Topology and UVs, so there is no particular technical requirement for your head model. We accept OBJ and FBX files.


The best practice when uploading the face model is to remove its additional elements such as eyes, tongue, teeth, etc.) as well as hair features like eyelashes, eyebrows, beard). It would work with these elements as long as they are separated but it could take a bit longer. In the same fashion, a neutral pose (eyes medium opened -and mouse shut) is preferred.

Feel free to contact us prior to the upload if you have any concerns.

Q. What is Rig on Demand?

Rig on Demand® is an online service to apply a set of blendshapes/bones to your model and let you control them with a custom-made rig. It is the logical development from Blendshapes on Demand®, as it seemed obvious to us that artists needed not only good expressions but proper ways to control them too.

Q. How much control do I get?

As described on the service page, the rig provided by our solution offers several ways to control the expressions, and on different levels. Separate panels will give you a more general control over blendshapes and expressions while on-mesh controllers grant you finer control on detailed parts and bones. Display handles makes it intuitive to toggle from modes to modes. Our experience has shown riggers ususally have their own ways and habits so we also made sure our rig was fully customisable and upgradable.

Q. Why should I be using Rig on Demand?

Because you think rigging can be awfully time-consuming and this is a ready-to-use solution. Because your models will also receive more than 120 expressions, all issuing from original HD scans. Because what you want to focus on is an animation up to the industry standards. Because in the end, you still choose if you prefer to use it as a solid base of work for your main characters or just an awesome fast and cheap way to grant any background characters great facial animations.

Q. How long will it take?

For both Blendshapes on Demand and Rig on Demand, the treatment of a single model takes around 30 minutes on our servers but please keep in mind we consider a FIFO queue strategy. Therefore, the timings could vary according to the number of models you submit and to the current workload. We hence chose a Beta period to be able to adapt our infrastructure to the charge and will inform you if we are experiencing unusual delays.

What exactly should I upload for Rig on Demand?

Uploaded models should be in .obj or .fbx formats. Each facial model should have separated meshes for complementary elements (eye features, tongue, teeth, etc.). Zny other included elements (body, props, etc.) will remain untouched but keep in mind that the simpler the scene the faster and more efficient the service. Please also make sure the face mesh is plain (holeless). Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any doubts.

Q. What will happen once the job is done?

You will be notified of the task completion through your email and provided with a link towards your package. In your dashboard, you will have access to the processing status and your deliveries that you can download as FBX files.

Q. Are my models safe with you?

The ownership and exploitation rights attached to uploaded data are naturally intact and the confidentiality is insured by the fact your uploaded models are automatically suppressed from our servers after processing.

Q. What are rights on the delivered blendshapes?

You naturally get the ownership of the blendshapes delivered by our service; however your exploitation rights depends on the licence you selected to purchase:

- Personal use: refer to a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International licence for non commercial individual projects (indie, students … no invoice will be provided for company accounting)

- Research use: refer to a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International licence for non commercial research projects

- Commercial use: refer to a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence for commercial productions

Q. What kind of support do I get when I buy your Services?

We are fully dedicated to answer your requests through the contact form and email: contact[at]eiskoservices.com
As our services will grow, we’ll develop a series of tutorials and documentation, as well as newsletters detailing the new releases.

Q. Who is Eisko?

Eisko is a technology company specializing in creating, managing and exploiting digital doubles for movie productions (cinema, advertising, events) and interactive applications (video-games, mobile, VR / AR). Please check out our website and follow our facebook, twitter, youtube, vimeo channels for more info.

Based on 15+ years of research and development, Eisko progressively offers its truly discriminant technology as Software As A Service through this platform in order to leverage the digital creation of qualitative content and to open new usages : virtual assistant, 3D web, 3D print, 3D hologram…