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Bring life to your characters

Quickly populate your Games, Movies, Commercials, VR experiences or R&D projects

Now, you can easily share facial expressions between a large number of characters with the highest quality. Not only our service copies the shape, it will also adapt it to the head’s morphology regardless of your character's topology. You can order one or dozens of characters depending on your needs, they will all share the same expression set allowing you for example to share a facial animation between multiple characters without any manual intervention!

From cartoon to photorealistic

Use our service on any type of character

As you can see on our examples, our service is very flexible, handling any type of morphology from cartoon to face-scanned data, from stylised animals to imaginary monsters.

Customer topology

Delivered expressions conform to your mesh topology

We can adapt to any topology and UV. Blendshapes on demand is directly integrable into your character pipeline and won't require any further adjustment on your end!